Unlocking Language: 70 Identical and 30 Nearly Alike Words in English and Portuguese

Beyond Translation: Dive into 100 Words That Span English and Portuguese

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Learning Portuguese is fun. Vocabularies are a fundamental part of the language. The more vocabulary you have, the more frequently you can speak. Memorizing vocabulary is always a challenge for new learners. If the learning language has the same vocabulary as your speaking language, it gives the boost and lets you relax a bit. 


I am here discussing 100 Portuguese vocabularies that are the same as in English. Remember, their pronunciation is different. For example, 'hospital' in Portuguese is the same as in English. But while pronouncing the 'H' is muted. It sounds like ‘uspitaal’ or ‘ospitaal’. 


I have here mentioned the words ending in 'al,' which are the same in both Portuguese and English and have the same meaning. 'Normal' is the same in Portugal and in English, and their meaning is also the same. Some words like 'Official' need to change slightly. For example, there are two 'f's in English, and in Portuguese, there is only one f. 'Official' in English and 'Oficial' in Portuguese.


Here are 70 words that end with all the same in English and Portuguese. 


1 Anal Anal
2 Animal Animal
3 Artificial Artificial
4 Brutal Brutal
5 Canal Canal
6 Capital Capital
7 Central Central
8 Continental Continental
9 Crucial Crucial
10 Cultural Cultural
11 Editorial Editorial
12 Eventual Eventual
13 Facial  Facial 
14 Festival Festival
15 Final    Final   
16 Fundamental Fundamental
17 Funeral Funeral
18 Habitual Habitual
19 horizontal horizontal
20 Hospital Hospital
21 Ideal Ideal
22 Imperial Imperial
23 Individual Individual
24 Industrial Industrial
25 Local Local
26 Manual Manual
27 Mental Mental
28 Moral Moral
29 Municipal Municipal
30 Musical Musical
31 Nasal Nasal
32 Natural Natural
33 Normal Normal
34 numeral numeral
35 Oriental Oriental
36 Original Original
37 plural plural
38 postal postal
39 Principal Principal
40 Professional Professional
41 Real Real
42 Regional Regional
43 Rival Rival
44 Rural Rural
45 Semifinal Semifinal
46 Sensual Sensual
47 Sentimental Sentimental
48 Sexual             Sexual            
49 Social Social
50 Territorial Territorial
51 Textual Textual
52 Tutorial Tutorial
53 Usual Usual
54 Verbal  Verbal 
55 Vertical Vertical
56 Viral Viral
57 Virtual Virtual
58 Visual Visual
59 Vital Vital
60 Vocal   Vocal  



Here are some more words that need a slight change. For example, if the letter t sounds like s in English, then it changes to c


For example: 

National to Nacional.

Optional to Opcional.


If the English words have double letters, then in Portuguese, they change to single letter.

For example:

official(English)  to oficial (Portuguese).


Here are some words that end with ..al and change the ‘t' to ‘c’  and are pronounced the same in English. 


61 Calculational Calculational
62 Conditional Conditional
63 Conventional Conventional
64 Diferential Diferencial
65 Educational Educacional
66 Emotional Emocional
67 Functional Funcional
68 International Internacional
69 Operational Operacional
70 Optional Opcional
71 Potential Potencial
72 Rational Racional
73 Relational Relacional
74 Residential Residencial
75 Traditional Tradicional
76 Vocational Vocacional


Here are more Portuguese words that end with ..al and are slightly changed and are almost similar to English.


77 Official Oficial
78 Spiritual Espiritual
79 Equal Igual
80 General Geral
81 Signal Sinal
82 Special Especial
83 Personal Pessoal
84 Spectacular Espetacular
85 Exceptional Excecional
86 Accidental Acidental
87 Carnival Carnaval
88 Partial Parcial


Let's see some more words that are similar to English and do not end with ..al.


89 Chocolate Chocolate
90 Crime Crime
91 Familiar Familiar
92 Zero Zero
93 Cinema Cinema
94 Banana Banana
95 Radio Rádio
96 Hotel Hotel
97 Area Área
98 Email E-mail
99 Gas Gas
100 Sauna Sauna


Many more words are either similar or almost similar to the English words. There is also a pattern of changing English words to Portuguese, like City to Cidadae. That means words ending with ...ty are changed to dade to be a Portuguese word. 


There are some other rules, which we will discuss later on in new blog posts.


Happy Learning!