Coding is fun. Kids enjoy coding. What about seniors? We seniors also enjoy Coding. In the time of this site lunch (1 January 2020),I am 42 years of age and I have just completed 2 months of coding, and I am able to lunch this small site to share my learnings. I have to take care of my 4 years and 3 months running daughter YVANA. I need to spend most of the time with her. And, so the best idea is to coding. Playing like a kid and coding like a kid. Coding is really fun that drive us to the professional carier as well.
In this site, I am trying to keep everything I am learning. Code may be rough, may not be perfect, but I am sharing what I am learning. Sharing is Caring. I will post what I am learning and how I am coding every month or every week or even every day. I expect valuable suggestion from the experts and co-learners. --- Lets code together---
I choose name of the site YVANA. There are mainly two reasons, main is my study is dedicated to my little daughter and second is on the believe this site that this site will be grown up along with my little princess. I hope this will be a good forum for learners like me, specially who are kids and are seniors. --- I repeat this again--- I am a very beginner learner, so any materials or codings here may not in the professional way, and I highly expect that any expert can suggest me to write any of the projects, exercises or codes in a professional manner, it will be very appreciated.