Kids memory Game - Memorization power
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1. Click on Start to start the game.
2. Deck cover will slide and pictures will be displayed for 5 seconds.
3. Memorize the picture placement within that time.
4. Program will tell you any one name of the picture by sound and word.
5. You have to make the correct guess and click on guessed deck.
6. If you succeed, you will get 1 score and if not score will not be awarded.

Kids Memory Game

As heading suggests, this game is not only for kids, but for all who wants to boost the memorization power.
Keeping memory active is very essential. This memory game is intend to make some exercise of the brain. More we do exercises our memory is more active.

How to play:

1. Click on start.
2. The deck will open, memorize the pictures placements.
3. One icture option will displayed in bottom as well as you will listen by audio.
4. Click on the correct picture placeholdred deck.
5. If right you will get one score and if wrong no score.
6. The game length is 10.

This memory game is easy to play. Just click on play button and wait for a second. All the cards will be open and you will see some images. You have to memorize the placement of the image before the cards closed. After the card closed, one of the name of image will be displayed in bottom as well a sound will come. Just click on the right place of the image which you memorize.