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Emotions and Feelings
A emoção e Sentimentos
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Emotions and Feelings
A emoção e Sentimentos

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Showing feelings are important factors to communicate. If you want to congratulate your relative or friend or anybody, you say Parabens! Likewise, if you want to express your nervousness, you say ‘Estou nervosa’ or ‘Estou nervoso’ If you are a male.

We express our emotions all the time. In this quiz, we have put more than 100 words of feelings and emotions in Portuguese, including good and bad feelings. You will get random 30 questions each time to answer. The goal is to improve your vocabulary of feelings in Portuguese. Every time you play there will be a mix of the questions you already played and the new one. That will help you to know the new words as well as to memorize the words that you already know. This is to improve your ability to communicate in Portuguese so you can deepen relationships and enrich your conversations. We believe this quiz will not only check your knowledge of Feelings and emotions vocabulary in Portuguese but also learn and improve them.


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