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Ola! Bom Dia
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Ola! Bom Dia

Tudo bem !

There are lots of ways to say just a word hello! In Portuguese. Olá is the best choice for most social situations regardless of the person you are addressing. It’s somehow formal, but also friendly. Oi! is another way to react with the people with whom you are well known. It is like Hi! In English. Oi! is used mostly with very well-known or friendly people in an informal way.

Tudo bem? How are you? In Portuguese, is the most common and formal way to start the conversation. Other ways to say How are you are Como está? / Como vai? Como estás? / Como vais? And more ways.

In this quiz, there are a total of 30 questions to answer. Every time you play there may be new questions so practice as more time as you can. If you have more words, kindly post them in the comment box.

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