Quiz-2 || Asking directions
Quiz-2 || Asking directions

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About the Quiz-2 : Asking directions:

Quiz-2 : Asking directions is a quiz to play, learn and check your basic understanding of Portuguese language to ask directions. 40 questions quiz are designed not only to check the knowledge but also a learning game to play and learn Portuguese language.
This quiz game will help you to check and understand your knowledge on asking and answering the questions about directions. Playing a little bit for couple of days will boost up your Portuguese language communication skill.

How to play?

1. Click on Start button to start the game.
2. On the top the pharse or word will appear in english.
3. There are four different Portuguese words below it. Click on the right word.
4. If answer is correct, there will be the green color background and score will be increased by 1.
5. If answer is not correct, there will be red background color and score will be decreased by 1. You have to click on other remaining option till it is correct.

6. The next question will come automatically.
7. Repeat the same process.
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Quiz - 2 -Asking direction in Portuguese

Asking directions are very important in everyday life. No matter, if you are a tourist or you are working on, you may need to ask the directions to go some specific place like hospita, school or even the taxi stand and others.

Click here to play and learn 50 Basic Phrases or Words in Portuguese to start learning - Part One

Click here to play and learn 50 Basic Phrases or Words in Portuguese to start learning - Part Two

How to ask directions in Portuguese? or how to answer directions in Portuguese? The most easy way to know some phrases that can be used in asking drections.

The most important phrase is "Onde?". Onde means where. If you want to ask where is the hospital near by. Then you can say "Onde fica o hospital mais proximo?". If you just want to ask shortly, you can say "Onde é hospital ?"

The common way to ask the direcgtions are:
1. Onde tem um ..... ?
2. Onde fica o ........ mais próximo ?
3. Como eu chego a/ao/em ..... ?
4. Como eu faço para chegar a/ao/em....?

See 40 useful phrases widely used while asking direction in table below.

40 useful phrases while asking direction in Portuguese with native pronunciation. (Play the quiz above)