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About the Game

Fill in the blanks to make the sentence (simple present) is a practice game for Portuguese learning game for beginners. This game gives the idea to construct and use basic and short sentences in present simple in Portuguese.

In this game we try our best to use the way of speaking rather than the way to write, as the main objective of the game is to practice the daily speaking sentences.

How to play?

1. Click on the Start button.
2. In the top sentence in English appears. And, in middle there is a Portuguese sentence having a blank space to complete.
3. In the bottom there are three options, click or tap in the answer that fits in the blank space.
4. If answer is right, selected option will have green background and if wrong it will be red.
5. Each right answer gives 1 score.
6. The next question will appear.
7. There are total 30 questions in the game.
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Making short sentences in Simple Present form in Portuguese

How do we make a simple sentence in Portuguese? It's quite easy. The simple construction of a sentence is like in english.

Subject + verb + object.

Let's see one example:
Eu falo Português.
I speak Portuguese.

Eu is a subject and then verb falar comes matching with the subject and in last there is an object Português. Please see VERBS AR IN PORTUGUESE, for 50 regular AR verbs and their conjugation with Pronouns.

In this section and the game above, we are only focusing on very short and simple sentences with regular AR verbs only.

Some Examples:

Eu gosto futebol.
I like football.

Você gosta de Lisboa.
You like Lisbon.

Nós queremos estudar português.
We like to study portuguese.

Like in English, if you put question mark in end, it will be a question.

Tu gostas de Portugal?
Do you like Portugal?

Tu and você both means You. In Portugal or in European Portuguese tu is commonly used in normal conversation. Though, the você is the respected or formal way to say you.

30 short simple present sentences in Portuguese using AR verbs