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About the Game:

Match the Opposites Game-01 is a drag and drop learning game made for the basic learners of Portuguese language. Just match the words from right columns to left columns according to their opposite meanings.

How to play?

1. Read the words on the left column.
2. Find it's opposite word in right column.
3. Drag(for touch screen tap and stick for a second and move it) that word and drop in the relative boxes.
4. Each right move will give 1 point and wrong will reduce 1 point.
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10 Important Portuguese Phrases and their Opposites

Phrases are very important in any languages. One of the most effective idea to learn language is to know the phrases and their opposites. This is a useful method to memorize words. Here are 10 words and their opposites to memorize. Practice in the game above to memorize them.

Words Opposite words
Alto (High) Baixo (Low)
Grande (Big) Pequeno (Small)
Cheio (Full) Vazio (Empty)
Molhado (Wet) Seco (Dry)
Dia (Day) Noite (Night)
Feliz (Happy) Triste (Sad)
Bom (Good) Mau (Bad)
Perto (Near) Longe (Far)
Aberto (Open) Fechado (Closed)
Limpo (Clean) Sujo (Dirty)