40 must know questions in Portuguese
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About the Game:

40 must know questions in Portuguese is a an online game built for Portuguese language learners. These are the common questions broadly used in Portugal. These questions are useful for tourists who are planning to visit Portugal. This game will help you to understand the basic questions that are useful for you to get information or to understand what they may ask to you. Playing a little bit for couple of days will boost up your Portuguese language communication skill. In this game, 40 different common questions are used. These words can be a good starter to learn portuguese language as well..

How to play?

1. Click on Start button to start the game.
2. On the top the question will appear.
3. There are three different three options below it. Click on the right option.
4. If answer is correct, there will be the green color background and score will be increased by 1.
5. If answer is not correct, there will be red background color.
6. The next question will automatically come. 7. Repeat the same process.
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40 must know common questions in Portuguese

Language is not only a mean of communication, but more, it is a culture.

Asking questions is a very important factor to communicate. You want to go to some place and you have no idea from how can you go there, then what to do? Off course! you have to ask a question to the local person, or someone who is around you. And, if someone asked a question and you don't understand what he is asking about. May be if you understand the question and answer them, you earn a satisfactory smile.

You are in hurry and need to catch a taxi, but you don't have a good idea where to catch the taxi.

Onde posso encontrar um táxi?
Where can I find a taxi?

If you can ask this question, it will save your time. You can ask to someone near you and maybe he or she knows where actually is the taxi stand, or a place to catch taxi. This is my experience. I had a shop in Lisbon, and I noticed, who could speak Portuguese, they asked me about the information they wanted to know. But, who did not know how to ask, they just walked here and there to get their information.

Either you are going to Portugal or Portuguese speaking countries to visit or to work or to move, it is a good practice to know some essential questions to ask or someone may ask you.

Here are the common 40 questions that will be very useful for you.

We are only talking about questions here, for answer, please visit 40 most common answers in Portuguese.

40 must know common questions in Portuguese