40 must know reply senetences in Portuguese
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About the Game:

40 must know reply sentences in Portuguese is a an online game built for Portuguese language learners. These are the common way to answers for broadly used askings or questions in Portugal. These sentences are useful for tourists who are planning to visit Portugal or for any people who wants to learn to speak portuguese language. This game will help you to understand the basic replies that are useful for you to get information or to reply the simple questions you mae face. Playing a little bit for couple of days will boost up your Portuguese language communication skill. In this game, 40 different common answers are used. These words can be a good starter to learn portuguese language as well..

How to play?

1. Click on Start button to start the game.
2. On the top the question sentence will appear.
3. There are three different three options below it. Click on the right option.
4. If answer is correct, there will be the green color background and score will be increased by 1.
5. If answer is not correct, there will be red background color.
6. The next question will automatically come. 7. Repeat the same process.
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40 must know common reply sentences in Portuguese

Language is not only a mean of communication, but more, it is a culture.

Giving right answer in a right way is a very important factor in communication. Either you go to the new country for visit or to work or to stay there, people will ask you some questions to get information or to help you. May be they ask to help you or to get help from you and if you answer it properly it gives the satisfactory meaning.

If you meet new people, there is no doubt that they will ask you some questions as well as you also ask them questions. If you answer them properly, isn't fantastic.

O que você faz?
What do you do?

If some one ask you this question, then how to reply it? May be by expression or some word you may understand he or she is asking about the work you do. You can say: Computadoers (Computers) . What you are trying to say is that you are computer technician. But, can other understand it properly?

If you say:
Eu sou técnico de computadores. (I am a computer technician) . It gives the clear idea. isn't it ?

Or even you can say:
Eu arrango computadores. (I repair computers).

Answering properly gives the correct information which is one of the most importat part in communication.

Here are 40 common ways to reply (sentences) that may very useful to answer in proper way. And in the game that is in top, you can practice them by playing.

We are only talking about answers here, for questions, please visit 40 most common questions in Portuguese.

50 must know and common reply sentences in Portuguese