Basic phrases - 1- Tap and Learn
Basic phrases - Tap and Learn
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About the Game

Basic phrases - Tap and Learn is a practice game for Portuguese language learners. An easy and useful game to practice phrases in Portuguese with native pronunciation.

In this game we try our best to use the daily using phrases, as the main objective of the game is to learn and pronounce them correctly.

How to play?

1. Click on the Start button.

2. In the top phrase in English and Nepaliappears. And, in middle there are four pictures when one is relative to the question.

3. Tap on the correct answer. (you will listen the pronunciation of the given phrase)

4. If answer is right, there will be a correct sign and if not correct, there will be a wrong sign.

5. Each right answer gives 1 score.

6. If the answer is not correct 1 score will be reduced. And, can choose another option.

6. The next question will appear.

7. There are total 30 questions in the game.

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30 basic phrases in Prtuguese with pronunciation (audio)

Pronunciation correctly is one of the most important part of learning any language. It is not an easy task to pronounce the words as native speaking people, but more closely we can do, is better for good communication.

Below, you will find 30 daily used phrases with images and their meaning in english. You can click on sound icon to listen its sound. To practice this, it is very important that together with its audio you practice yourslef.

After you know how to say these phrases in Portuguese, then you can play the game above to practice it. The easy way to learn language is to do it without any stress. Just make fun playing game and learn whenver you have time. Either in desktop, or in mobilephone or in tablet, you can play this game easily.

Here we can see 30 basic phrases with their native pronunciation in Portuguese.

Click on the Icon to listen its native pronunciation.