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Rocket Numbers português
Números 0 a 20
Números 21 a 100
101 e mais
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About Rocket Numbers Game - Portuguese

Rocket Number Game in portuguese is a simple but interactive game for the portuguese language learners. This game is also useful and suitable for all who like to play and learn portuguese numbers.

The player will observe the number in portuguese word displays in the screen. Three different options with one correct answer will be displayed in number on bottom. Click on the right answer will launch the rocket.

This game will let you help to know the numbers and their spellings in european portuguese language. First you can play the small numbers like 1 to 20 and then to bigger numbers like 20 to 100 and even 100 and more. There are separate three options to play

This is a game not only to play but also to entertain. Every correct answer they will enjoy and if wrong they will be motivated to know the correct number.

How to play:

  - Click on any one option to start the game
  - Number will be slide down in words
  - Three different options with one correct answer will be displayed in bottom
  - Click on the correct number to launch the rocket.
  -Each correct answer 1 point will be awarded.
  -There are total 20 points on each game.


Numbers chart from 0 to 1 million

Portuguese numbers from 21 to 100
Portuguese numbers from 101 ..

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