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✺ रंगीन गुब्बाराहरु ✺
(Colorful Ballons)
Rangeen Gubbaraharu
Nilo, Hariyo, Raato, Seto, Gulaabi
बैजनी, सुन्तला, खरानी, खैरो, सुनौलो, पहेँलो
Great Gob !

Your score is : 10

Maximum Possible Score : 18
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निलो (nilo)
Oh No! Try Again
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About the   रंगीन गुब्बाराहरु (Colorful Ballons)   Game

रंगीन गुब्बाराहरु (Colorful Ballons) Game , is a Nepali color learning game. A very joyful and funny game to learn different 18 basic colors in Nepali. This game is suitable for the basic Nepali language learners and for them who wants to know the main colors in Nepali language.

The main idea behind this game is to let you learn by playing. The game is very simple, balloons are on the bottom, and the text and audio in portuguse will give the option to choose the right color balloon to lift it up. And, if right balloon clicked, that will lift up and another balloon will come to click. Player will know the colors name in Nepali by its text as well by audio.

There is an audio option on the top. If you wish to learn the spelling of the colors, just off the audio. By this, you need to click the right color option by reading the color name. That will help you to know the spelling of the color.

How to play:

  - click on a play button to start the game.
  - Name of the color will be displayed on the board.
  - Click on the correct color balloon.
  -Each correct answer will give you 1 point.
  -If not correct, 1 point will be deducted and you can choose the option second time
  -There are total 18 points in the game.


colors' name in Nepali

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