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❋ Match the pair ❋
Match the pair
जोडा मिलाउनुस्
(नेपाली फलफूलहरुको नाम )
Great Gob !

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Now, You know to pair the things
You know different fruits name in Portuguese.
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जोडा मिलाउनुस्
Play and Learn to Match
Fruits Name in Nepali
click on level to start
Each level have different fruits name  
Level One - 3 pairs
Level Two - 6 pairs
Level Three - 8 pairs
Level Four - 10 pairs
Level Five - 12 pairs
Score: 0
Level: 1
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About Match the pair (Nepali Fruits' game)

Match the pair (Nepali Fruits' game) is a Nepali language learning game. This is a game for all who wants to know about the fruits name in Nepali language. This game hase two different objectives, one is specially for kids for their brain development, and another one is to know 39 dfferent fruits name in traditional nepali language. This game is simply a good brain exercise game also.

The clean and clear fruits pictures will let you get the clear and easy eye vision to know the fruits. And, the audio plays key role to learn how to pronounce them in Nepali.

There are different five levels in the game. The first level starts from 3 pairs of fruits and then the second level is of 6 pairs and then 8 pairs in third, 10 pairs in fourth and 12 pairs in fifth level. You can start from any level.

We highly recomend to play from the first level. After completion of each level, the level will be up automatically. As, in each level there are different fruits name (i.e. the fruits do not repeat on any level), total 39 fruits' name can be learned by completing all levels.

How to play:

  - click on a level button to start the game.
  - Pictures of fruits will be displayed.
  - Click on any fruit and then click on the pair of that fruit to score.
  - If paired succesfully, the block will be changed in green color and the fruit's name in portuguese language will slide down with its sound
  - If not paired successfully, the block will be changed in red color for a second and then block will be re-positioned
  - Each pairing will give you one score.
  -There are total 5 levels in the game


Fruits and their name in Nepali

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