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नेपाली वारहरु (Days of the Week)
आइतवार, सोमवार, मंगलवार, बुधवार,
बिहिवार, शुक्रवार, शनिवार
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आज (Today) = Sunday

Tomorrow = ?
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Days of the Week in Nepali

आइतवार (Aaitabar) -------- Sunday
सोमवार (Sombaar)--------- Monday
मङ्गलवार (Manglabaar)----- Tuesday
बुधवार (Budhabaar) --- Wednesday
बिहिवार (Bihibaar)--------- Thursday
शुक्रवार (Shukrabaar)--------- Friday
शनिवार (Shanibaar)------- Saturday

'आइतवार (Aaitabar)' Sunday is the first day of the week and 'शनिवार (Shanibaar)' Saturday is the last day of the Week.

About Days of the Week in Nepali Game

Days of the Week in Nepali is a learning game for them who want to know about the days of the week in Nepali language. This game is suitable for the learners of basic Nepali language.

The objective of the game is not only to practice the days of the week but also the way to know them in order. The player will observe the questions. Questions will be in six different pattern in both nepali and english language. For examle: Today is आइतवार (Sunday), पर्सि (Day after tomorrow) = ?. Here the player should answer it as मङ्गलवार. अस्ति (Day before yesterday), भोली (tomorrow), हिँजो (yesterday) are the other ways to ask in Nepali language.

Answer options will be displayed on bottom. Click on each day will produce the sound of that day name that helps you to listen and pronounce the name of the days. If option is correct, one score will be awarded and also notifed by the sound and green color. If the option is not correct, kids will be notifed by wrong sound and red color.

How to play:

  - click on a play button to start the game.
  - Question will be displayed in the board and options will be in bottom
  - Click on the correct option
  -Each correct answer will give you 1 point.
  -There are total 15 points in the game.


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