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'To-be'- Verb Grammar Game
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I ___________ from Nepal.

Using the 'to be' verb

The 'to be' is a verb used to describe something or someone. In English, it can be used to say different things according to the context. However, the most common use of the to be verb is to talk about names, age, feeling, nationalities, and professions, especially when talking in the present tense.



I am a boy. 

She is a girl.

They are teachers.

That is an apple.


Affirmative Short :

I'm a student.

You're a player.

They're eating.

That's a dog.



You are not a teacher.

I am not a student.

They are not doctores.

That is not a cat.


Negative Short : 

You're not doing better.

I'm not feeling well.

They're not dancing.

That's not a potato.



Are you sad?

Am I doing in right way?

Is that a fruit?

Are they teachers?