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**** Find the Odd One Out ****
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Odd One Out (A game for kid’s development)

Odd One Out game is a simple but very powerful game for the development of kids as well as adults. Odd One Out is an expression in English that means that one member or item of a group is different than others and does not fit or does not match the rest of the group.

For example:

Group One : apple, orange, grapes, onion.

Group Two : elephant, cow, buffalo, goat, banana.

Group Three: pen, pencil, book, paper, knife.

If we see on group one, onion is the Odd One Out, because, all others are fruits where as onion is vegetable.

In group two, banana is Odd One Out, because all others are animals and banana is a fruit. So, banana does not match animals.

In group three, knife is the Odd One Out, because all others are a group of study materials or for school activities, but knife is a kitchenware.

Playing this game will develop the kids’ ability to find out the different in the group. This is one of the best activity game for kids.
We believe you and your kiddy friends will enjoy this game.

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