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Add the Cats
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About Add the Cats Game

Add the Cats is a simple addition game for children. This game is suitable for 2 to 5 years of age or any kids who loves to play and learn.

This game helps kids to do addition of small numbers from 1 to 10. Options are displayed both in number of cats and the numbers. Kid can do addition directly by the numbers or if kid is not able then can count the cats to do addition.

The kid will observe the number of cats in two different blocks displaying in the screen with plus sign in between. Kid will count the top block and do addition with the second block. And, will select the right answer from the different four options.

This game will let your kids to develop there addition power. First they will do addition by counting the cats and later they can do it just by the relative numbers displaying on screen

Each right answer will give 1 points along with the thumbs up. Total questions of the games are 15.

How to play:
  - Click on start to start the game.
  -Observe the cats on the screen.
  -Count them or see the addition question in between them.
  -Do the addition and choose the right options in bottom.
  -In each correct answer, 1 point will be awarded.
  -There are total 15 points on the game.


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