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Rocket Numbers
Numbers 0 to 20
Numbers 21 - 100
101 and more

About Rocket Numbers Game

Rocket Number Game is a simple but interactive game for children. This game is also useful and suitable for all kids who loves to play and learn.

The kid will observe the number ind word displays in the screen. Three different options with one correct answer will be displayed in number in bottom. Click on the right answer will launch the rocket.

This game will let your kids to help them to know the numbers and their spelling. First they can play the small numbers like 1 to 20 and then to bigger numbers like 20 to 100 and even 100 and more. There are separate three options to play

This is a game not only to play but also to entertain. Every correct answer they will enjoy and if wrong they will be motivated to know the correct number.

How to play:
  - Click on any one option to start the game
  - Number will be slide down in words
  - Three different options with one correct answer will be displayed in bottom
  - Click on the correct number to launch the rocket.
  -Each correct answer 1 point will be awarded.
  -There are total 20 points on each game.


Numbers chart from 0 to 1 million

NumberCardinal Ordinal
1 one first
2 two second
3 three third
4 four fourth
5 five fifth
6 six sixth
7 seven seventh
8 eight eighth
9 nine ninth
10 ten tenth
11 eleven eleventh
12 twelve twelfth
13 thirteen thirteenth
14 fourteen fourteenth
15 fifteen fifteenth
16 sixteen sixteenth
17 seventeen seventeenth
18 eighteen eighteenth
19 nineteen nineteenth
20 twenty twentieth
21 twenty-one twenty-first
22 twenty-two twenty-second
23 twenty-three twenty-third
24 twenty-four twenty-fourth
25 twenty-five twenty-fifth
26 twenty-six twenty-sixth
27 twenty-seven twenty-seventh
28 twenty-eight twenty-eighth
29 twenty-nine twenty-ninth
30 thirty thirtieth
31 thirty-one thirty-first
40 forty fortieth
50 fifty fiftieth
60 sixty sixtieth
70 seventy seventieth
80 eighty eightieth
90 ninety ninetieth
100 one hundred hundredth
500 five hundred five hundredth
1,000 one thousand thousandth
1,500 one thousand five hundred, or fifteen hundred one thousand five hundredth
100,000 one hundred thousand hundred thousandth
1,000,000 one million millionth

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