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Count the Birds
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About Count the Birds Game

Count the birds is a simple but interactive game for children. This game is suitable for 2 to 5 years of age or any kids who loves to play and learn.

The kid will observe the number of birds displaying in the screen, counts them and select the right number between 1 to 10.

This game will let your kids to develop there observation power. First they will count by pointing their fingers to the screen and later they can count by just observing by eyes and not pointing by their finger.

Every time the kid click on the number, he or she can listen the sound of that number also. This means, the kid will know to count, to know the numbers from 1 to 10 as well as the number sounds.

How to play:
  - Click on start to start the game.
  -Observe the birds on the screen.
  -Count them and click or tap on the correct number displaying in bottom.
  -Each correct answer will earn 1 point.
  -There are total 15 points on the game.


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