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Happy or Sad ?
Opposites of prepositions' Game
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About Happy or Sad Game

Happy or Sad Game is a learning game for children to know about opposite prepositions. This game is suitable for kids and for all who want to learn basic english prepositions and its oppoistes.

The kid will observe two different pictures that gives opposite meaning to each other. One option will display in bottom and the player needs to click or tap on the relative picture above

This game will let your kids to help them to know the opposites of the adjectives. By pictures it is easy to understand the meaning of each word

If the answer is wrong, the game will tell the meaning of that picture. If the answer is correct, the game will also display the words of its opposite picture.

How to play:

  - click on a play button to start the game.
  - Two pictures will be displayed having opposite meanings
  - One option will appear in the bottom
  - Click on the picture that relates to the option
  -Each correct answer 1 point will be awarded.
  -There are total 20 points in the game.


Opposite (adjectives) table

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