Pyramid Math Puzzle - Mixed

A brain development exercise for all.

Brain Stroming Math Mixed Puzzle

Brainstorming math addition puzzles can be a fun and engaging way to challenge your mathematical skills and creativity. The "Additional Pyramid Puzzle" is not a specific puzzle that I'm aware of, but I can certainly provide you with a general idea of how you might create or solve such a puzzle.

Here's a sample "Additional Pyramid Puzzle" for you to consider:

Puzle Description

You are given a pyramid of numbers, starting with a single number at the top. Each row below contains a set of numbers. The rule is to add two numbers from the row above to get the number directly below them. Your task is to find the value of the missing number in the pyramid.



Starting from the top, you can calculate each missing number step by step:

  1. The first missing number is 4 - 2 = 2.
  2. The second missing number in the second row is 5 - 2 = 3.
  3. The missing number in the third row is 2 + 5 = 7.
  4. The final missing number in the fourth row is 3 + 7 = 10.

So, the pyramid is completed as follows:


This is just one example of an "Additional Pyramid Puzzle." You can create various levels of complexity by changing the numbers, the size of the pyramid, or the rules for calculating the missing values. The key is to use addition (or other mathematical operations) to fill in the missing numbers in a logical and consistent manner.