May 2020 Collections

Yvana's Drawings and Paintings

This month Yvana has 20 collections.

In the month of May, we focused on Yvana's extra activities in some indoor playing. As, corona pandemic is still effecting our daily lives, we give more priority for physical involving activities. However, she has always time for drawing and painting. We find this a great way to understand her feelings and emotions, which are really beneficial for her growth.
Yvana showed some excitement on learning language. As she is a Portuguese kid of Nepalese parents and living in London, We are very aware to let her understand and learn all three languages. And, she is showing great progress on learning Portuguese and Nepali language. Whatever, drawing and painting is her passion and she is regularly sharing her emotion and expression through her drawings and paintings.

Here are some of her drawings and paintings of the May 2020. We sincerely thanks all who are always with us to let her grow up in her own steps.