April 2020 Collections

Yvana's Drawings and Paintings

This month Yvana has 20 collections.

Almost a month in Lockdown due to the Corona Virus Epidemic. Month April of 2020 is little more harder for Yvana. Not going outside for one month is really a a hard task for growing kids. However, Yvana is busy with her drawing and paintings. As well, she finished all her homework. She is learning Math and English by play and learn games from https://yvana.org/games/default. Here are 20 paintings collection from Yvana in the month April 2020. I hope you all will enjoy and motivated her to do more meaningful paintings in future.
We are not sure when the lockdown will be out. But, whatever we can do to entertain and learn, we have to do always. In may we will come with more meaningful paintings. Please let her know if you like her paintings. And, more importantly Yvana always expect suggestions and motivations.